The Armchair Psychologist —
a brand new podcast about love, life and work

Visual Identity, Website

A solicited, gentle-advice, and opinionated podcast from an amateur answering your questions about life, work & love. With the help of select guests.

Psychology, Media, Podcast

New York, USA


Design Challenges

︎︎︎ To create a logotype and visual identity that is not connected with the medical profession but is catchy and bridges the gap between the spheres of professional psychology and people’s minds. 

︎︎︎ The visual identity must be flexible enough to cover both the podcast and the community without sacrificing the difference between the two. 

︎︎︎ To create a website that can be a starting point for a communal platform about mental health.

The idea of the dynamic logo comes from the concept that the human mind is not yet fully charted. It is dually capable of a full range of emotions as well as cognitive load. It’s notably a mess and enjoyably complex. 

The color palette works perfectly for both the podcast and the community. The monochrome black and white identifies the podcast, the new episodes, while the other colors emphasise the community platform.

As a headline font we picked PP Right Grotesk by Pangram. It features many fine details, smooth curves, moderate contrast and slightly unusual anatomy. It works perfectly for important updates, such as new episodes and promos.

The secondary font is Feijoa by Klim Type Foundry, the first typeface issued by them. Feijoa is based on the principle that ‘a straight line is a dead line’, which explains the warm, curvaceous nature of the individual letterforms. 

Covers for Instagram and Youtube

The Armchair Psychologist:
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Ubah Bulale, Founder & Host
Paul Schneider, Creative Director, Designer
Mike Brenner, Executive Producer
Alisher Tursunov, Motion Designer
Mikhael Hakobyan, Web-Developer
Alexander Podogas, Web Case Assistance
Sven Dreesbach, Cameraman

Last Update: 02/24