Last Update: 12/23

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Publications about projects and creative contributions

“HSE has launched a digital online-campus” HSE.ru — 2023 

“Branding and logo design for Inducto by schneider.studio” Abduzeedo.com — 2023

“Brand Identity for Inducto Consumer Electronics” The World Brand Design Society — 2023

“Educational platform that helps people to become independent creative professionals” Crunchbase — 2022

“Mike Peregudov of Pivot On The Top Five Trends To Watch In The Future Of Work” Authority Magazine — 2021

“New Pivot Website” Interfaces Channel — 2021

“Mail.ru Group is launching a super-app for productivity” RB.ru — 2021

“International Day against Violence and VK’s Project against Cyberbullying” UNESCO — 2021

“How do Russians deal with cyberbullying?” Russia Beyond — 2019

“Effie Awards. Positive Contribution to Society” Effie Awards Gold — 2021

“What is the Mail Superapp — and how we developed it” VC.ru — 2021

“Design Mail.ru” — Land-book.com Land-book — 2021

“Essential Skills Graphic Designer Should Have” — Paul Schneider’s public talk Tabtabus Event — 2020