Art Unbound — a docu-series highlighting contemporary artists’ work process

Pitch deck, Visual Indentity

Contemporary Art

Miami, USA


A docu-series that explores the complex personal lives of the world's most fascinating contemporary artists. Pitched to Netflix and Warner Bros representatives

Photo: Tom Powel Imaging, Inc. / Courtesy of Julie Mehretu / Marian Goodman Gallery

Business challenges

︎︎︎ Attract investments from entertainment studios for the first season of the show

Design challenges

︎︎︎ Create a clean visual identity disclosure the idea of connection of the most forward-thinking minds with a diverse audience 

︎︎︎ Create a concise pitch deck structure that explains the show idea 

The first show guest is Flavien Demarigny aka Mambo. Directed by Sven Dreesbach

Last Update: 02/24